Fin Wood Windows system

-We have producing  wooden windows under IV68 EU standards in Turkey ,We have good reputation on market and many experiences and references with wooden  windows production with reliability

-All raw materials imported from Germany and Italy

-We have ability to produce windows with many types of wood ,ex: İroko, Sapelli, Pine ,Oak, Limba, 


This is an optimal selection for those of you who, above all, appreciate the nobleness and naturalism of the material. Our windows are constructed from carefully selected pine timber, mahogany (meranti)  oak,iroko,sapelli,limba,bonded with layers. They are subjected to technological processing according to the restrictive European standards, which guarantees the product with unsurpassed quality. The broad selection of colours and design freedom, combined with the state of the art manufacturing technology, allow adjusting the service parameters and the final appearance of the window to the requirements of our Customers.







We offer handles in several colour versions, as a standard equipped with the interlock of erroneous position, as well as the handles with key locks.



Thermal outer sills in timber windows play the function protecting the window frames from atmospheric factors. They discharge runoff water to the outside of the window frames, thereby protecting the entirety of the structure from moist accumulation.

-The ironmongery is the most essential element in the window design - allowing the easy opening, tilting and turning around the vertical or horizontal axis. In our windows, the Maco hardware is used, designed such that the window may be unsealed owing to the appropriate positioning of the handle. This ensures the constant access of air to the room, thereby preventing the water vapour from condensation in its interior. Where the installation is considered, the Maco ironmongery constitutes the perfect solution to owing to the processing on the loose rail, 3-D adjustment and symmetric picture of drilling. Additional advantages include the possibility of work with narrower profiles, as well as high functionality and long lifetime owing to the coat from the plastic material, covering the hinges and resistant to abrasion and integrated opening brake. The burglar-proof hardware is offered as an option.