Wood has been used for making doors for centuries and has invaluable qualities. This natural, environmentally-friendly material ensures excellent thermal insulation. It is easy to work on, durable and nice to touch. It is also distinct for its resistance to ambient temperature or humidity variations.
Wooden doors are very durable and therefore make an ideal investment for many generations. Buying doors made of natural wood you can benefit on a variety of finishes available, including the possibility to change the finish after some time of use. Also in case of surface damage, the wooden door can always be sanded, patched or repainted.
Note also that the uniqueness of wood is also apparent in its health qualities. The properties of wood have a significant effect on the control of the interior microclimate. Furthermore, the abundance of wood species in terms of hardness, shrinkage, photosensitivity, strength, colour and grain made it a unique material, which also guarantees satisfaction for long years.