Log Profiles


Rectangular logs are available in solid and laminated structures. Solid rectangular logs are manufactured from pine timber by sawing, drying and planing into log profile. Laminated rectangular logs are manufactured by gluing 2–8 separate dried timber lamellas together.

Laminated log is visually appealing and it gives your home an emphatically modern appearance while respecting the tradition and making use of the latest production technology.  rectangular logs 112–134 mm with are ideal for residential housing with better energy efficiency.

Rectangular logs 112-134 mm are mainly used for compact holiday housing, but can also be used in residential housing in warm areas.

Fin Wood  log house built from rectangular logs is suitable for urban dwellers as well due to, which corresponds to the city building plan requirements.


The manufacturing process of round logs is similar to that of rectangular logs; only the shape of the profile is different. Size 190-210 mm is ideal for compact holiday housing and laminated 200 -230 mm can be used for residential housing as well.

Round log is perfect for generating classic and traditional yet timeless log architecture. The round shapes together with large dimensions create massive impression which really stands out. With round log, our customers have implemented luxurious building projects.