Laminated Log Profile


Laminated Logs

We will realize your dream of a modern and traditional living space, with the most viable solution for your desired log profile. The surface of the walls of a laminated log house is smooth and allows for easy decorating.



 Quality Raw Materials 

Fin  uses genuine close-grained arctic pine as a raw material. This arctic wood species needs plenty of light and clean air in order to grow healthily. Northern Finland offers all the required geological and climatic characteristics better than any other region in the world. Slowly grown arctic pine has extremely tight growth rings i.e. annual rings, which makes it the strongest and most durable construction material for log housing.


Why Logs Should Be Laminated!

All europe and Scandinavian countries use Lamined logs for log house production, Laminated logs provide many advantage to customer and producers,

-Nice quality surface

-No Crunch

-High Durability

-12 meter length logs can produced